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Island Fun is an Eyeshadow Palette filled with 12 highly pigmented shadows and 3 multi-colored glitters. The Shades in the palette are depicted and named after ideal items on an island, Very vibrant and colorful!

15 Color Palette:

Matte Yellow= Banana Boat , Shimmery Yellow= Pineapple

Matte Orange= Lava , Shimmery Orange= Sunburn 

Matte Green= Caiman , Shimmery Green= Palm Leaves

Matte Blue= Electic Blue Damsel , Shimmery Blue= Lagoon

Matte Red= Tropical Fruit Punch , Shimmery Pink= Pink Sands

Matte Purple= Hibiscus , Shimmery White= Fine Pearls

3 Glitters: Pirates Gold, Tropical Sunset, Island Flame

Island Fun Eyeshadow Palette

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